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TeamHodgson are getting more excited by the

day for Christmas, haha but I promised Elly

I’ll not keep going on about it too much haha

so i’m doing the Christmas dance as i send this

because our 12 days to christmas challenge starts


But the question…

Are you living in the here and now?

A serious question, because it’s something Elly and

I have been making a conscious effort to do lately

as we have to admit, we know how ‘distracted’ we

can become, phones, TVs, radios, ipads and so

much more—

All fighting for attention that we can miss the here

and now, in fact Aoife-Mae will say to me…

Daddy put your phone away and she’s right, because

I have great people around me and they need my attention…

And then there’s the worrying about the future or stressing

about the past too, GUILTY

In fact every time i end up in the ‘dark place’ its because

i’ve lost touch of the here and now, and that’s a tough pill

to swallow, but being aware of it has made a huge difference

to me,my body shape my relationships and my mindset.

So how did it change?

here’s the thought for now….

We can’t control the future, but we can impact it,

We can’t change the past but we can choose how we react to it.

Have a great day,

Ryan ‘here and now’ Hodgson

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