A Question We Were Asked

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So I got asked a question by someone
Do you and Elly really go to the gym every day?
EVEN on holiday
Now the answer to that is a straight
up yes most of the time..
But I thought I would back it up with a bit of
rationale, and its because we want to practice
what we preach and that is living a healthy
balanced lifestyle.
If we don’t feel ‘upto’ the gym then we don’t go,
we listen to our bodies, so when we have had too many
cocktails the night before we may have the day off
on holiday, but reality is we probably won’t if
we know it’ll make us feel better.
We also invest in ourselves by way of having
people to help us and keep us on track,
we dont want to have to tell anyone we didnt
do what we know we should.
Then there’s because we wouldn’t want to be out
of shape trainers/coaches for obvious reasons really but i
would struggle to take accounting advice off an
accountant that’s been bankrupt…
or mouth hygiene advice from a dentist with bad teeth,
you get my drift…
So why would you take advice from an out of shape trainer?
then lastly but most importantly for Aoife-Mae we want
her to grow up with a mummy and daddy that take pride
in being fit and healthy…
So we feel it vital that we stay in shape and lead the right
type of lifestyle to ensure that happens.
Ryan ‘gotta go, gym time’ Hodgson

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