Alcohol (Yes)

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Ok so as you know Elly and I were away for a couple of

weeks and here’s the truth, we drank most days.


BOOZE that is,


And we often get asked by people our thoughts on

alcohol, and my answer is always the same-


I fooking love a good drink when the times right for me..

Like literally love a few cheeky ones, and it’s about



So per gram of alcohol- there are 7kcals


When you compare that to macro nutrients

Carbs and protein- 4kcals so it’s nearly twice

as calorie dense.


Then fat is 9kcals per gram.


So when we drink booze we usually go for a

clear spirit (we love vodka) with a diet drink-


The calories in that are probably less than your

glass of fruit juice each morning.


Now before the clean eating mafia hunt me down,

We don’t preach having this instead of…


But simple highlighting facts that you can enjoy

alcohol in moderation and still not go over cals much.

Ryan ‘alcohol’ Hodgson

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