Analysis Paralysis..

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I know a lot of people suffer with one given choice-

They’ll sit there and weigh out all the different options

for hours and hours even days weeks or months at times

trying to think about what’s the best way to do things….

I have to say I used to be the same….

And i often found choices were taken out of my hands

when i did this for too long (true story).

But since working for myself, one thing I found is when

you’re there sitting there procrastinating trying to work

out all of these different possibilities.

The world’s moving forward, and then you’re getting left behind.

Honestly, nobody stops while you decide what to do…

And I see it also with people that want to lose weight.

They’ll sit there trying to weigh out different ideas, perhaps

waiting for the next offer, or the next big thing to come out to

help them lose that bit of weight.

And they’re going backwards in the meantime gaining weight

weight, and they’re trying to consider, their weight’s going on


And other people are there making progress.

So our message is really simple.

Don’t delay.

Do something today.

(oh wow that rhymes, I really didnt plan that)

It doesn’t have to be a huge step.

It could just be as simple as trying to increase your activity


Or it could just be setting yourself a goal, and trying to align

yourself with it. Because you do have the answers.

Yes, I 100% believe that we better have a coach.

That’s why I have coaches in areas of my life.

However, if you’re not quite sure or ready to commit to having a

coach, start making little changes yourself. Because it will make

the coach’s job much easier in the long run too, when you do

decide that you’ll be better with a coach, and you’ll get quicker


But if you would like someone to help you make a choice that will

be guided by someone who has experience and understand you

click the link to apply and if you’re a good fit Elly and I can work

our magic 😀

Ryan ‘analysis paralysis’ Hosgson

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