are you happy?..

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I know I’m going pretty deep for a Monday morning but..

I feel its a pretty important question to consider when it

comes to your health and fitness goals…

Are you happy?

because reality is if . you are, that’s all that matters, like literallt

Weight doesn’t matter

Size doesn’t matter

Shape doesn’t matter

Nothing else, and that’s why Elly and I are so huge on focusing

on 2 key things when it comes to goals




and as long as we have them nailed nothing else literally matters

in fact the weight loss, shape change and size progress all

becomes a by product and we actually did a video on this last week

check it out-

Ryan ‘Health and Happiness’ Hodgson

P.S. Elly and i have applications open for out total transformation

programme which is 100% personalised to your needs with 2

coaches and you can apply at

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