Are you self aware?

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That’s a question I want you to ask yourself, and I often ask myself it because one thing I’ve found since I started to work on my mindset and start to improve the relationship with myself, is how well aware I am of my weaknesses as well as my strengths.

Because truth be told, I used to neglect my weaknesses, brush them off and say it was just people being negative when I found out about them.

My serious weakness is living in the past.

I very rarely forget things when it comes to I’m not happy with someone or they’ve done something to upset me, and it’s a real weakness of mine, because life’s too short to dwell on it.

And, when I’m living in the past, I’m not focused on the here and now when I’m not present.

So message today is, be aware of your actions, your thoughts, and what’s going on in your mind and maybe you can try and make adaptations based on that.

So like for me, I’m now conscious of the fact that I’ve been very guilty of trying to live in the past and hold on to things from before, but I’m now starting to improve my ways- and now im genuinely FREE.

It’s like the saying goes holding on to the past is like drinking poison and expecting someone else to die.

Ryan ‘living in the present’ Hodgson

P.S. what do penguins wear to the beach?

Flipper flops

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