Believing Your Own Stories

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Are you doing that?

That’s something that I’ve been very guilty in

the past. In fact, so much so that a point that

pushed me to the point that i needed treatment

for depression and anxiety and that I suffer

quite often with because of it.

I build things up in my mind, I tell myself stories,

and I start to believe them for being real.

and i need to remember just because i think it

or im worried about it doesn’t mean it’s real.

In fact, more than half of the time I’m fine at

the moment though dont worry haha.

Every time i feel anxiety, and stress it’s because

im building things up in my head

The reason I’m sharing this with you is because

I’m so passionate about helping people just feel

‘better’ I know its not as fancy as helping people

lose stone after stone etc. but if i can make

people feel better im a happy man….

I look at everyone else’s news feeds and I compare

myself. I feel like I’m a failure, I feel like I should be

doing better.

And I beat myself up about it.

So much to the point that almost prevented taken

action at times (in fact i wouldn’t have taken action

on them without Elly).

But, I definitely got better coping mechanisms with it

now, and I start to notice trigger points when I’m about

to start believing my own stories.

And that is by taking a step out and asking myself

if it’s really true.

Because half of the time, the stories that I’m telling

myself really are true. I don’t need to beat myself

up about it, I don’t need to start attaching any

emotional feelings towards these stories.

So if you’re somebody who’s also walking around

believing your own stories, I encourage you to ask

yourself are they really true.

And if they’re not, perhaps re-align your thinking or

certainly at least clear your mind to remove any

emotional connection to these stories.

I do this more in my mind now but in the past i used to journal it.

Because it’s never going to end a positive life if you don’t.

And if you’re currently struggling with stress please HIT REPLY

and i can help you because not sure if you know high cortisol

(stress hormone) levels in the body can really impact your

overall health as well as you body’s ability to respond to any


Ryan ‘hit reply’ Hodgson

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