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So today i wanted to share a story with you

that i seem to hear every now and then from

people and i understand the code now after

a lot of research to try and understand people


Code for it’s not that important to me right now-

‘I can’t afford it’

Let’s be honest if we want something we find the 

money- people walk around with…..

Nails done

Latest iPhone

Car that’s insured and fuelled

Sky tv

Much more all taking priority over the goal, i mean

at under £1 a day people spend more than that on

so much else..

they just don’t value what Elly and I offer which is a


Even though those that follow our programmes often 

save more than the cost in food shopping.


want to save money on food shopping? Join us


Ryan ‘if it’s important you’ll find it’ Hodgson

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