Cutting Fats Out

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So today…

Nutrition basics ladies and gents-


Here are the facts….


There are essential fatty acids (fats)


There are essential amino acids (proteins)


But there aren’t any essential carbohydrates.


However I see many many people trying to 

completely eliminate fats from the their diet…


Now I do tend to preach a lower fat diet purely

from a food volume and lifestyle perspective.

But here’s the thing when you cut fats out 


You’re running the risk of getting an EFA deficiency

and your body will have trouble absorbing fat soluble 



So please don’t cut fats out in fact don’t cut any macro

nutrient out, just educate yourself so you can-


Have your cake and still get in the shape you want to.


We help educate our clients on nutrition basics inside

our membership, group coaching programme.


So if you click the link you can be well on your way to not 

just having a diet that works for you but being armed with 

the knowledge too.

Ryan ‘nutrition basics’ Hodgson

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