Days Off? (From Sam)

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Got sent an email from Sam yesterday

after she saw on my instagram that i train Sundays

(well and every other day)

To me- There are no days off!!


A while back I used to do nothing on a Sunday

and say ‘it’s a day off’

Then spend the start of the week playing catch up

because I decided to settle for not moving forward

on a Sunday.

Is struggle both physically and mentally to ‘get into it’

because I decided to tell myself stories that Sunday

is a rest day,


Sunday is a day to forget about goals


Sunday is a day to forget about everything.


Til I realised that if I did that I’d be ‘just like them’ who

aren’t moving forward…..


Often slipping back and complaining about their lack in

 forward movement in life-


Mostly blaming other people or ‘things’ for this…


Whereas now on a Sunday I am just a focused as I am

Monday to Saturday.

I just focus more on my family goals and prep for the week-


I don’t even mean prep food (lols) I mean time wise so I

know what I’m doing next week.


There are no catch ups, the are no not sure what to do,

there are no chasing my tail…

Because I don’t do days off….


I get the work on myself goals out the way straight away

when I wake up-

Then the work on my fitness goals next-


Then it’s family goals the rest till the monkey is in bed


Then a tiny bit on my work goals so I’m ready for the week


And ya know what, I’m responsible for where I am in life, and

I’m comfortable with the fact that if I or when I fail- I am solely

responsible for that…

No one else!


And if I succeed I’ll know there was no luck, I’ve stayed the

course, persevered and I didn’t have days off ‘just because’.

My goals are important on a










And I won’t stop on my pursuit of these until I’m done, and in the past.


Do you forget everything on a Sunday?


And just do nothing?


Perhaps hung over because you’ve sedated yourself with alcohol

on a Saturday night, every Saturday?


Then find the week a struggle?

There’s nothing wrong with it, but we do need to remember we are all

responsible for where we are in life…


There are no lucky people.


Because the people I look up to in the world, have all done

the work and I’m yet to meet a lucky person that had the success

I aspire to replicate.


What about you?


Think about that.


If you are happy ‘settling’ before the time runs out on you by all

means have days off where you forget about you, Your Goals

and where you want to be-

I’m extremely happy with my life right now, and wouldn’t want to

be anywhere else doing anything else, but that said-

There’s no way I will settle, where there’s time, there’s

time to progress.

Ryan ‘no days off’ Hodgson

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