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Stress about things you can’t control.

It sounds kind of crazy when I say it

like that.

However, I can’t believe the number of people

I see constantly in a state of stress. Stress

themselves about things that they really have

no control over and it’s never going to end


The reason why I’m saying this is because

stress has such an impact on the body, the

way we feel, the way our body responds to

different weightloss programs, the way our

body responds to training.

Ultimately, nothing positive comes when our

body is in a state of stress. So the message

today is simple.

If you’re constantly stressing, start asking

yourself, is it something I control?

If not, you need to try and remove the stress in the

situation by looking at things you can control and

can have an impact on.

Because I’ve seen this all to often when people

stress about things they can’t control and it affects

so many ares of their life even pushing loved ones

away… and people even suffer their mental health

if it carrys on.

Ryan ‘trying to remove stress’ Hodgson

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