do you value your time?

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So recently a number of people who have booked a call-in (free call) with us over the last few weeks.

Because they’re taking a couple of big steps.

One, by completing details to register the interest for our program, and two, to book a call-in.

And unfortunately some of them, in fact, 65% of the people who’ve put calls in in the last two weeks haven’t bothered to answer.

Now, I get sometimes exceptional circumstances.

Things can crop up.

I get people have busy lives and may miss the call.

However, to me I i value my time, and other peoples time so it upsets me when this happens.

Anyways why am i sharing this with you?

Well because these people who perhaps didn’t value my time probably don’t value their own time either, and that’s a shame because I really believe that time is our most valuable asset.

The more time we waste, the less time we have left, so my message today if if you are sitting on the fence and perhaps unsure on what to do next-

What have you got to lose by taking action?

You can join our Alpha Coaching programme for under £2 a day and not waste another minute feeling fed up frustrated and wondering why things aren’t going the way you want.

You can start feeling positive again like things are actually going to progress for you.

So please dont waste you time we dont expect you to join us for 12 months or even 6 months, if you join us today we will just ask you to give a months notice if you decide to leave.

And whats more you get literally 1000s of £££ worth of free ‘stuff’ on our membership site.

Click the link to join

Ryan ‘time’ Hodgson

P.S. If you’re reading this you’ve taken time out of your busy day and i respect that. Now lets take it to the next level

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