Don’t Separate The Two

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One thing I see a lot of the time with people who are

working towards their health and fitness goals, is

how they’ll separate the diet and exercise program

from their lifestyle.

They’ll almost overnight try to change from what

they’re doing day-to-day to literally live it around

this diet and exercise plan to make sure that they

fit in their seven gym sessions a week and their

food prep and six meals a day.

That’s great, and I admire the dedication and

commitment required in order to do that.

But, it really does frustrate me to see so many

people fall into that trap of going all-in on it and

neglecting their lifestyle.

Because, I’m a big believer that we should be able to-

Lose weight.

Tone up.

Feel better about ourselves.

Improve our confidence levels.

Reduce our bloating.

Sleep better.

All without having to completely change our lifestyle.

We should be able to do it in a natural way that feels

like we’re not even doing a diet and exercise plan.

Because what we’re really doing is leading the

lifestyle that leads us from where we are right

now to where we want to be.

I must also believe in doing it in any other way

is never going to deliver you the long-term results.


That you not only want, but deserve too.

My message today is quite simple.

Take your time and look at your goals as part

of your lifestyle.

They need to fit your lifestyle, otherwise they’re

never going to be longer term and they’re never

going to be something that you’d be happy with


Because you’ll be neglecting it areas of your

life that you know you shouldn’t be.

I have found by doing mindset work to align
myself to my goals has really helped me to
live this way and you get get our free guide to
mindset with the Hodgsons on the link
Ryan ‘lifestyle’ Hodgson

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