you either want it or you don’t

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Happy Saturday 😀

thats a sign for the mass unsubscribe

usually from people who like to pretend they want it.

  • The weight loss
  • The being fitter for their family
  • The being healthier for themselves
  • The improved sleep 
  • and much more 

anyways here’s the thing a couple of weeks ago

Elly and I opened out applications for our latest

transformation programme

we had 8 show they were interested (by filling

out an application form)

only 4 took the next step and goto n the phone

to discuss their goals,

2 joined us however 2 decided not to invest in


Now the reason I’m sharing this with you is that

Elly and I want 2 more people who want to transform

their mind body and health over the next 12 weeks.

So you either want to get results, or you don’t and

if you do you can click this link to sign up today and

you’ll get an extra week included for free whilst we

get everything set up and arrange you in depth

coaching call.

This is not something that will be around for long in fact

there’s £200 off for action takers who click the link today.

( if you like to know technical its in the P.S)

We know and i’m sure you’ll agree we can have results or

excuses, but certainly not both.




Social occasions

will all fit around working toward a goal that is

important to you.

So click the link to join today,

Ryan ‘take action’ Hodgson

P.S. you get-

100% personalised training programme to suit your

needs, goals, and access to equipment.

Nutrition coaching specific to you so you understand

how to work toward your goals without avoiding foods

Daily monitoring and feedback on nutrition logs

2 x coaches who literally live and breath it.

Monthly coaching calls to assess your month,

make adaptations to ensure success


24-7 personal support by email, messenger

and the Personal training app

Weekly live web classes covering topics

many struggle with

Membership site with 100s of resources,

Community support we have a male only

and a female only group so you never feel alone.

And much more but it’s a saturday and the

monkey is wanting to get dressed for ballet.

Click the link to join us-

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