The Fathers Day Thing

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So the other day, it was Father’s Day over

here in the UK.

I have to admit, I’m not really the biggest fan

of Father’s Day, because I do think it’s just

one of those things for card makers to make

more money.

But that said, it does give you a chance to really

shift down, take time, and to fully appreciate your


And plus, it was a really good family day.

We spent good quality time with Aoife-Mae and we

even baked a cake for Elly because it was her birthday

the other week, and she couldn’t celebrate because

she was in prep.

But what it got me thinking was how often and how easy

it is to just drift from day to day without spending time

deeply connected with our loved ones because life’s

so busy now.

It’s so busy.

We go rushing around, we rush around to get to medical

school in the morning, drop them off to school, some

of us have work whilst they’re at school.

Then we pick them up.

Then it’s rushing around to kid’s clubs, dinners, school

uniforms, it’s bedtime, then it’s your time to try and relax,

get ready for the next day, and it’s a constant whirlwind.


You never really get quality time to sit down and appreciate it.

So our message today is simple: take time to spend with

loved ones every single day if you can, but if not, every


Just block out an hour or two.

Unconditional loved one time, where you know you can sit

down and be not preoccupied, you can be in the moment

and be fully present.

It means the world to the kids, and it means the world when

you actually do it. You’ll be surprised at how quickly the time

will go and how much you’ll appreciate it once you do it.

Ryan ‘fathers day thing’ Hodgson

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