Can genetics make you fat?

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Do I think genetics makes people fat?

A post I did the other day on Facebook and got some very interesting responses, and I love and value everyone’s thoughts on this, and I have to say it’s not often I ask for them,

But on this is very mixed…

Of course I have an opinion, I believe that for a very small minority genetics can make you more like to be fat, however this is very very small, and the most overused excuse.

By this I mean genetics may make it much more difficult to lose body fat, and I get it.

I’ve read a lot about it and haven’t found any major studies to support genetics making people fat on a larger scale…

Yes, if your parents are fat you’re more likely to be fat, however that’s not necessarily genetics, its mostly lifestyle.

We’re taught by our parents, active parents often active child, inactive parents most likely inactive child…

And then even if you’re ‘genetically fat’ that doesn’t mean you should give up trying to live a happy healthy life.

There’s a HUGE difference between being fat and being unhealthy,

By this I mean, just because someone’s fat doesn’t mean they’re unhealthy, and just because someone’s skinny doesn’t mean they’re healthy.

We need to stop looking at weight all the time focus on healthy and for the vast majority the weight will look after itself then if it doesn’t, you may well be part of that minority that’s genetically fat but here’s the thing-

Nothing changes if you are part of that because you should still try to take care of your health anyways.

The reason I decided to do this post is because it breaks my heart seeing people give up on themselves believing they’re destined for a life of being fat…

No one should believe that, ever, we can all do our best to live a healthy life and that should be celebrated and enjoyed.

There are so many factors to consider and do think that mindset (yes if you’ve followed Elly or myself for any time at all you’ll know we love this) is the most important part.

We need to have our mind aligned with our goals whatever they are, think about weight all the time it’ll hinder you.

Think about being happy and living a health lifestyle, and you’re most of the way there, all you have to do is follow through on it…

Speaking of living a healthy life that’s pretty much all we focus on at Hodgson Health, living a healthy lifestyle and then the weight loss tends to look after its self.

If you’d like to live a healthy life then click here to try us out for just £1 for 14 days,

Because regardless to genetics we can all look after ourselves and future generations.

I do think as adults though, we need to take accountability for where we are in our life with our health and fitness and that includes body shape as well. But a large amount of people seek blame-

*Work colleagues

But we are responsible for it.

Watch out surroundings too, 1 healthy weight person spending a lot of time with 5 overweight people, I’ll show you the 6th overweight person with time.

There are of course other factors to think about such as-

Environmental things

Social circles


Injuries and much more but I’d go on all day if I was to discuss these here in one post.

So I guess in a nutshell do I think genetics can make us fat?

Yes, for a very small minority but that isn’t to say we can’t do anything about it.

Ryan ‘control your journey’ Hodgson

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