Half price plastic surgery!

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Would you sign up and pay for half

price surgery, for example?


The reason why I ask this is because I

know most people would outwardly say

no straight away.

I might ask why, it’s because your health’s

at risk, your life essentially could be at risk.

And then the same thing when I see people

who hop looking for cheapest trade or looking

for the best offers on personal training or coaching.

Discounted rates, or the next big offer from the

trainers or coaches out there

And I get it, because it is a luxury to have a personal

trainer or a coach and it’s not something that everyone

fits into their life.

I remember when i used to have my bootcamp business

the same people would buy every offer, eventually we

created a one offer ever rule.

However, one thing I can assure you is often when

you go for the cut-price personal trainer or coach

with a significantly discounted personal trainer or

coach, there’s a reason why their products or services

are so cheap.

Particularly if they’re not new to the industry..

So my answer is always to be prepared to invest a

little bit more in yourself to get the better result.


In fact, I’ve lost count of the number of people I’ve seen

that have gone to cheaper personal trainers than me

and not got the results they wanted and eventually

gone back to me.

By which time my prices had increased in the past and

Elly and i have never increased our prices for clients

that have stayed with us and never will (true story)

And now as coaches we see it, time and time again

from people hopping from program to program looking

for the best deal out there.

And I have to admit, we’re not the cheapest but we do have

programs to suit all budgets and our most expensive

program goes right up to £312 a month.

Which we don’t discount or offer, we just do a 14 day free trial on

our group coaching programme to try it, and make a decision or applying

for our more personalised programmes

My message today is simple; sometimes people prepare to

spend a little bit more to get the best or get something better

out of it.

And you’ll be grateful in the long run– look at it this way, if

you’re somebody who’s hopped from trainer to trainer

looking for the cheapest offer, have you got the results

that you want?

If the answer’s no there’s probably a reason behind that.

And I often say to people the more you invest the more you

pay attention.

So if you’re somebody who’s invested more money you’re

more likely to listen to the advice, support, guidance as

being given to you than somebody who’s getting it for

free or bought something just because it’s cheap.

But seriously if you want a freebie you can try our group

coaching programme for free for 14 days

otherwise we don’t have any offers im afraid.


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