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Alpha Programme
Ok so ellys birthday is coming up(31) and I have an idea of getting her something very nice as we have been flat out in prep the last 4 months so would love to treat her but truth be told….
Elly wears the trousers when it comes to the budget side of thins side of things so I need to earn it:)
And it got me thinking to how could I possibly do it in a way that meant I could help a few people in the process
And I know Elly and I both LOVE action takers.
So it got me thinking about running a 6months for the price of 5 on our Alpha Female programme this weekend only- or for 8 people at the most whichever comes first.
So if you join today you’ll be on your way to being happier, healthier and fitter over the next 6 months.
We are sure you’ll lose weight, tone up and most importantly improve the relationship with yourself.
Now I know some will want to know, what do you actually get…..
So for 6 months you get, 2 coaches that genuinely care and deliver to you 7 days a week. With that…
Private Facebook group filled with hints tips, videos, cook books and links to useful information. Providing a place to communicate with like minded people on the same journey as you. (Many women say this is worth the membership price alone).
Weekly live web classes to help you with topics we deliver these in the group usually a Tuesday evening.
Support via our private Facebook group along with email for more private matters.
Workouts delivered via the Hodgson Health app where you will also get a dedicated coach either Elly or myself to communicate via the messaging feature and a place to track and log all progress.
Weekly accountability logs we will ask you to commit to 3 things each week so that we can hold you to it πŸ˜€
Nutritional support and help with macro guidance. Using myfitnesspal we will help you make the right choices without avoiding your favourite foods.
Exclusive membership site access with Thousands of pounds worth of information at your disposal including workouts, recipes, information videos, and booster programs. We always add to this so if you need anything tell us and likelihood is we will design something to go with it
So Click the link and start making progress TODAY.
Again this is only available over the bank holiday weekend or the first 8 to join.
SO click the link and join us Today…
its a win for you, as we will get you to your goals and a win for me as ill be able to get Elly this gift πŸ˜‰
Ryan ‘Getting Elly something Nice’ Hodgson
P.S. If not today then when? Don’t miss out on this opportunity

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