How Much Is It Worth?

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So, I  was watching a workshop video yesterday

where I was asked in relation to my goals-

How much is it worth for you to achieve your goals?

And the truth is I couldn’t answer it with a value in time

money or effort, because it’s invaluable, there’s no cost

too high for me.

And it’s something I think we can forget to think

about and just drift

We invest time money and energy in things that aren’t

worthy of it yet something like our goals-

Often an afterthought and and viewed as a luxury, when

surely achieving your goals shouldn’t be a luxury?

Surely it should be a purpose to life?

Reality is i know people who struggle with themselves

and their weight but invest more in a takeaway each

week or sky TV than they do their health and fitness.

Just thinking about it like that can change the game, and

your life as a whole.

Ryan’what’s it worth’ Hodgson

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