I Heard You Were Extreme….

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A comment Elly and I got a while back

from a someone who believe it or not is a


Nothing against vegans btw, just to me the

amount of foods they cannot eat is certainly

much more extreme than anything I could ever



including when getting ready for a show. And I

get it, people see Elly and I and think they’re in

pretty good shape all year around and train 7

days a week, but here’s the thing….


We only do it because we love it, but you know

what we also love-


Pick and mix


Vodka and cherry coke



So we focus on balance and lifestyle, now we get

that some people want to eat ‘clean’ and we can

help with that 100% but what we do I’d focus on

understanding so anyone can get results and keep

them because they understand the basics….


If that’s by being a vegan, being vegetarian, eating

‘clean’ being flexible it’s all down to 4 numbers


1- Calories (always first)


2- Protein (always next)


3&4- Carbs and Fat


So please don’t label yourself as anything eat foods

you enjoy in balance using actual knowledge…..

Ryan ‘join us’ Hodgson

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