I’m Going It Alone

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How are you this morning?
anyways i wanted to share
something with you that every now and then Elly and
I here from people-
‘i’m going to go it alone’
Which i totally respect and those that do go it alone
and continue to see results I LOVE…
however i believe many underestimate the two biggest things
Elly and I offer….
Which is a huge shame because, Elly and I know we don’t
have any secret knowledge, no really we dont.
But what we do have is everyone in one place knowledge wise
that fits lifestyles and we provide accountability and support.
In fact as much as i hate to say it in the last 3 weeks we’ve had
5 former clients try to come back all of which were told the
returning clients price (which is higher as we reward loyalty) and
3 of them have come back for the
This is why Elly and I started coaching rather than PT because
we know particularly this time of year its hard to stay at it when it
gets wetter and colder out there…
No one checking up on you,
nondy caring if you let the weight creep back on and your
confidence and energy levels slips…
in fact most poeple wont even notice in you let alone care
So if you want to get that accountability and support
as well as all the knowledge etc. the click the link
and join us for less than the cost of a cup of coffee
a day and you wont regret it.
or you could ‘go it alone’ and we may not have the same price
in the future, choice is yours.
Ryan ‘never goes it alone’ Hodgson

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