Is your happiness a priority?

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Is your happiness a priority?


I know i have asked this before

Asking yourself this question on a daily

basis is something that I’m really a huge fan of.

And it’s not a selfish thing, it’s a completely selfless

thing, because your happiness is not only important

to you but is important to people who truly love you.

And anyone who truly loves you would want you to

put your happiness first.

So, my message today is simple:

Do things that are going to make you happy.

Do things that are going to make you happy first and

foremost and then, fit everything else around it

because we’re a long time dead.

I’m forever frustrated by seeing people’s happiness

suppressed because they’re doing things to make

other people happy.

I’m fed up with seeing people’s happiness being pushed

to the side because they’re worried about being happy

because someone else won’t be happy for them.

If someone around you can’t be happy for you when

you’re in a good place and you’re happy, those people

don’t deserve to be around you.

Those people don’t deserve you in their life.

So, for me, erase, delete, block, move on, and carry

on working on you being happy.

Make your happiness a priority every single day.

Ryan “happy” Hodgson

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