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so we had a number of people who have registered
an interest to try us out on our 14 day free trial and
about 2/3s of the people who register…..
Don’t end up doing the 14 day free trial, and here’s why…
We ask for card details off them, so that we know they’re
not just after a freebie, because we do invest quite a bit
of time an energy helping everyone who comes into
‘our world’
of course we want everyone to try us, love it and stay on
but we know some wont want to continue….
totally cool, but if you start with no intention of ever wanting
to stay we wont be a good fit, mainly because we aren’t a quick
We wont promise lots of weight loss and dramatic shape change
in 14 days but what we will promise is support, guidance and a
framework that if you follow…..
Will be the start of some good long term sustainable results.
Anyways click the link, register, try us and see.
If you decide not to try us, i’m not sure if we can help TBH.
Ryan ‘free trial’ Hodgson

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