Its Easier To Hold On To These

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Negatives that its

one thing I found is we can have perhaps 10, 15

positives going on in our life, but one negative pops up.

And it’s so easy to become so hung up on that

negative thing, and almost give those positive

things going on in your life the credit and the

time that they truly deserve.

In fact, I see it a lot of the time with people

when they’re trying to work things into their

lifestyle to help them with their health and fitness.

They might do a number of positive things that are

really going to help them but miss out on one little

thing and that one little thing is the thing that makes

them feel deflated, makes them feel frustrated,

leaves them feel fed up.

EXAMPLE- been really good with the diet, doing their

workouts hitting their expenditure goals day in day out,

then they have a night out with their friends and eat

and get drunk…

They begin to feel guilty when-

iT SHOULDN’T BE THAT WAY, look at all those

positives before a blow out that i’d argue was well deserved.

So if you start to feel like there’s something perhaps

not going to plan, something that’s going a little bit

negative, please take a step out, look at the situation

and ask yourself, was it really all that bad.

Was there just one negative that I could easily get hung up on.

Elly and I have done this in the past with Aoife-mae when

she was going to bed. If she is a nightmare at bedtime, we

sat there thinking that it was absolute nightmare day.

When reality was we need to step out and realise we

actually had a really good day with her it was just the

bedtime that was the nightmare.

We could have easily held onto that if we hadn’t

taken that step out.

So please don’t get hung up on the negatives and let

them shadow over the positives.

Ryan ‘focus on the positives learn from negatives’ Hodgson

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