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so probably the most boring bit of advice i’m about to give you but when taken into consideration and followed it can save you a world of heart ache, frustration and fluctuations in weight, moods, hormones and much more….
“Just focus on longevity as a lifestyle”
it’s really that simple, so by this i mean, if you can’t sustain something you’re currently doing, don’t keep doing it.
Then adapt your lifestyle so that everything is 100% normal, you just wake up and live a lifestyle that leads you to where you want to be.
I mean i’ve lost count of the number of people i have tried to help in the past, but want to go hell for leather (is that the saying?) when working toward their goals…
Then their family time suffers, their household suffers, they suffer and they end up resenting the journey.
Whereas when you take a step out to ensure everything is sustainable you can really begin to lead a lifestyle tht helps you achieve your goals
honesty part yes the results may be a bit slower this way, well the physical ones anyways, but at least they’ll last right?
Ryan ‘long term’ Hodgson
P.S. if you want to build a lifestyle that leads you to where you want to be, HIT REPLY and i’ll see what Elly and I can do for you

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