Let me ask you this..

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so you’re on our emailing list and open these emails which is great.
So i wanted to know something that may be able to help me to help you….
I just wanted to know, what would help encourage you to take action?
The reason i ask is 75% of the people who open these emails, dont take action, and the other 25% are already our loyal clients that are working their mind and body’s to be where they want it to be…
So let me know what would prompt you to take the plunge and give us a chance to help you become, happier healthier and fitter?
Now I have to be honest, we can’t promise we will be able to deliver it, but if we can- maybe we can help you 😀
Ryan ‘loves action takers’ Hodgson
P.S. Nothing to see but thanks for checking…

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