Looking after yourself that is…

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Looking after yourself that is.

And the reason I wanted to share this with you

today is because I think it’s so easy for us to

focus on looking after other people.

And I honestly believe that from a very young age,

it’s ingrained into us that we have to share and do

everything for other people.

And often that can come at our own cost, our

own expense.

And I’m a huge believer that we should never have

to do things for other people and put other people

before ourselves to sacrifice ourselves.

Now, I’m not saying we need to be selfish, but what

I am saying is we do need to look after ourselves and

prioritize ourselves.

And even more so when we have children because I often

hear people that’ll argue with me and say but I’ve got children,

I need to put them first.

But if you completely neglect yourself, if you completely

forget about yourself and focus purely on putting them first.

You’re going to be a lot less healthy, and a lot less happy

And the harsh reality is that most people won’t like to

admit, is you’re going to die younger.

And that’s a real shame, because if you decide to put

yourself first you’d be around much longer and be

able to provide for them and look after them and be

there for them when they need it for much longer too.

So that’s why my message today is simple.

Please prioritize yourself, look after yourself.

It doesn’t always have to be completely selfish, it could be

selfless. If it needs to be for somebody else, do it for them

if you can’t do it for yourself.

Because I guarantee you in the long run, you’re going to

be so grateful that you decided to invest time, money

and energy into putting yourself first.

So if you want to invest time in putting yourself first (not

even money just yet) then click the link to try us out


The group is absolutely buzzing at the moment and the

feedback from other trialists is amazing.

Click the link 😉

See you on the other side

Ryan ‘looking after yourself’ Hodgson

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