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On a weekly if not daily basis, I see people putting

photos up with things like hashtag meal prep.

And then, photos of Tupperware lined up with

all their foods in.

And I’m often asked of people, do we need

to do this?

And my message is always a simple big fat


(big eh?)

For me, I couldn’t think of anything much worse than

eating out of Tupperware every single day.

yes its good for a day or two, but every day erm…..

No thanks.

Of course, for some people, yes, it’s right for them.

but, for me, if I was at work all day, I’d rather be able to

buy something that I felt like I wanted at lunchtime.

Or, if I was working all day out of my house like in an

office etc. I’d make sure that I’d prepared maybe just

one big meal and enjoyed that, rather than having five

or six Tupperwares every single day LOL.

Or if im running around after the kids, lugging tupperwares

around really wont work either haha.

But that’s just me.

And I have to confess, I used to be one of these people

who put photos up, thinking it was good and it was

impressing people that I brought Tupperware to work….

But, the reality was, half of the time, I didn’t end up

wanting to eat them nor did I eat them haha.

So my message is very simple:

Unless you really want to meal prep and start prepping

five or six meals a day.

You really don’t have to.

Just focus on what fits your lifestyle.

Focus on what you enjoy eating and balance it out-

if you prep kids lunches just make a lunch for yourself

too it can be the same food just bigger portion.

So, for me, I’d rather —

if I worked a nine-to-five job and it was busy in the morning,

I’d fast until lunchtime and then have whatever I wanted for


Then I’d have my dinner and snacks around afterwards.

to fit the 4 numbers i care about-





So I’m fasting for most of the day and getting my calories right,

and my macros will balance out after I’ve had that, whatever I

felt like for lunch.

And trust me, it probably wouldnt be chicken, rice, and broccoli

at lunch time.

So for me, it’s never really going to be a long term thing taking

tupperwears everywhere with me, yes for competition prep it

makes sense, but if you want to lose weight….

Calm down and enjoy your food.

Ryan ‘not carrying tupperware around’ Hodgson

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