It’s Not Just About Weight Loss

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Just so you know…

Food is NOT just about weight loss-


The reason I share this is I’ve been talking to

a few people around the gym about nutrition….


And one thing I’ve had a couple times the last week, is

‘me hubby doesn’t need to lose weight so al have to

make extra meals’

^^^ true story, now here’s the thing, a lot of the time the

meals these people are eating aren’t healthy or balanced.


So my response is always the same,


Just because someone doesn’t struggle with their weight

doesn’t mean they’re healthy, similarly just because

someone struggles with their weight doesn’t necessarily

mean they’re unhealthy, although it’s more likely’.


Because here’s the thing, food is about health as a whole-

Helping our body to function and perform in the best possible

way and in a healthy way.


So please even if you want to lose weight stop eating for any

goal other than-


To live a happy, healthy, and fit lifestyle.

Ryan ‘not just weight’ Hodgson

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