Please, Don’t Wait Until January

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Don’t make it more difficult than it has

to be in January.


The reason I’m sharing this is because

 I know the next month many many

people will put on upto 15lbs leaving you

starting the new year feeling tired, fed up

and nervous at the thought of having to lose

all that weight.

Now here’s the reason why people put so

much weight on over Christmas….


And what I’m about to share with you is stupidly

simple but often ignored.

December two key things often change-


1- we consume more calories


2- we burn less calories.


Of course you’ll be fatter by the end of the year,

and needlessly.


That’s why I always say to keep the activity levels up

as much as you can and minimise the impact that

Christmas has on your waistline.


Like for me I will eat and drink what I want Christmas

Day and probably New Year’s Day and be sedentary…


But the other days I’ll follow flexible dieting and

 being active:)

It’s about balance and enjoying Christmas without the

guilt in January.

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