Episode #37

Ryan Hodgson

This week we were joined by Ric Moylan who is known for coaching athletes but he also coaches every day people and we covered common challenges and how to overcome them.

Ric Moylan is regarded amongst the leading performance coaches in the UK and is the performance coach and advisor for numerous elite level professional athletes and high profile individuals.

Ric has a straight talking, no nonsense approach and spends much of his time teaching his unique methods, known as the ‘MAPPS’, to world class athletes, large corporate companies, and many of his up and coming coaching protégés.

Ric is highly regarded as a coach and mentor and specialises in teaching his peers the skills needed to create a unique product for themselves and their business via his extremely succesfull mentorship programme.

Lastly Ric is the proud creator of Charity Boxing Nights, supporting and fundraising for the Newborn Intensive Care Unit at St Mary’s Hospital in Manchester.

Here are the links to follow and connect with Ric-