Episode #4


Nikolett Jones - International Health and Lifestyle Coach - Hodgson Health Podcast

Nikolett Jones is a International Health and Lifestyle Coach, Speaker, Spiritual Self Love Mentor. Her focus is to teach women how to find balance.

Her focus is to teach women how to find balance in specific areas of their life. She describes her work as follows: ” Imagine making strong, intentional, nurturing, and easy choices for your body and soul every single day that is easy to maintain, and never feel guilt or regret about a single one. ”

Nikolett has helped hundreds of women find the way to fall in love with their body all over again, letting go of guilt, learn self appreciation, find the right foods for themselves and help them achieve their personal goals.

You can find Nikolett on www.nikolettjones.com and on Social Media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram under the name of Wellness With Mamma Jones.