Episode #45


We had a buzzing chat with ~Sarah Malone an online coach and personal trainer.-

here’s a bit about her…

I’m quite literally the busiest bee you will ever meet! Alot of people think im crazy but there’s good reason I am like this – PMDD almost destroyed me, but God only gives the hardest battles to the strongest soldiers and here i am!
I have been a PT for apx 10 years on and off, but after my last beastie – he’s 1 I decided to get serious with it and created K3Fitnessuk (k3 if for the kids)
I specialise in busy women who struggle to fit or manage everyday challenges, to feel Happy, Healthy & Fitter!
I give the tools to show them how to evolve instead of revolve and grow not only in mind but body and soul. Its as easy as ABC with me (accountability, building better bodies & cognitive habit changes)

Her links are here-


Here are the supplements that Sarah mentioned-

5-HTP (look for the real stuff not the extract) not to be used while taking anti depressants or SSRIs

Evening primrose
Fish oils

The above are all good for women if they even feel they are struggling with sleep or switching off

Good multivit with iron
Vit d

All the main things women tend to be deficient in.