Episode #9


Luke Judge - The Hub Fitness - Hodgson Health Podcast

A Jack of all trades, Luke has worked many jobs through out his career, from working in Argos to head chef at one of the busiest restaurants in Manchester.

First and foremost his biggest achievements in life are his kids, literally everything he does is focused on them, after spending 5 years in the army & being away from his family for over half of that time the focus for everything he’s done since leaving the army has been around spending more time with the & being the best dad he can be.

He’s worked in a tonne of different areas during my life from working in Argos, engineering, building, a short time as a pawnbroker, a tattoo artist & body piercer to working his way through kitchens over a 3 year period to become a head chef at one of the busiest restaurants in Manchester, he was in sales for a while before joining the army where he set up & worked on his own business before leaving, he ended up running several businesses 2 of which ended up turning over the magic 6 figures everyone seems to be chasing right through to today where he’s a personal trainer & gym owner.

He’s been fairly successful no mater what he’s done down to a work ethic, a lot of people think I have a natural ability to be able to do this stuff but the truth is he’s spent his life leaning skills & taking huge chances which enabled me to be good at a lot of things that serve me well.
The amazing thing is all of his job hopping has developed the perfect skill set to be able to help people hit their health & fitness goals.

His interests are fairly basic, he loves to read, spend time with family & work. He’s lucky that his work involves a lot of things that are really interesting to him, learning how people tick, getting the best out of people & delivering constant results needs attention to detail & a good understanding of the basic fundamental aspects of fitness which is an ever evolving subject.

You can contact him directly on my Facebook personal profile, Luke Judge (I’m the handsome one) or on my business page The Hub Fitness : Results based Training or hit me up vial email to [email protected]