Prevention Is Better Than Cure….

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Every single day….

Elly and I are huge believers that there is never

not a time to prioritise yourself and your

health and fitness.


The reason i share this is because i keep seeing

people with the attitude ‘nothing to cure yet’



And then it can be left too late and they

actually need curing,


Like no need to work on their confidence,

until it’s family time and you don’t feel comfortable in



No need to work on being in shape until you start

getting health related issues


No need to focus on diet until you have no energy

and started constantly getting ill.


And it upsets me, because it should never be about

losing weight, feeling comfortable….


It should just be about trying to live a happy healthy life

that you would want your kids to do, that’s why we push

living a lifestyle so that we make the weight loss,

increased energy and improved confidence as a

byproduct of the lifestyle.

Ryan ‘prevention is better than cure’ Hodgson

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