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yesterday i had a great question from Lucy
on my facebook, and it was-
How many times a week do i need to train
if i joined you?
And it’s one that there isn’t really a simple answer
to it because we are all different.
With our coaching programmes we have a welcome
form that we ask clients to complete so that we can
give them advice based on their lifestyle.
For example if you’re really busy and would struggle
to get any of the 10-12min home workouts or gym
workouts in then…
Lets focus on lifestyle and once you do that you’ll
be able to find the time for the workouts.
Many of our clients start with minimal workouts unitl they
can fit them in around their lifestyle and still
get results
So in short i’d always say that its not how many you can
do when starting with us its how many you can fit into your
lifestyle without it creating stress.
remember our aim is to remove barriers not put them up.
Ryan ‘how many workouts’ Hodgson

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