Recognize Your Self Worth

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one thing that I do know is a number of people,

predominantly women, that don’t recognise

their self worth.

They prioritise literally every single person around

them before themselves.

They always become an afterthought and they neglect

their body, they get their mind set, and they get their

lifestyle to a point and they neglect themselves

completely to the extent that they retract into their

own shell, unable to be themselves because they

feel like they are not worthy of being themselves

and their self worth is that low.

And this really does get me quite emotional when

I think about it, because I’m a strong believer that

we all need to know and understand and recognise

that we should all be our own priority.

Every single person reading this should be looking

at themselves as a priority, because if you’re

prioritising anyone else you are in a position to

look after anyone else or be there for anyone else.


And even those with kids will jump and say, well

my kids are my priority above me.

You can’t be the best possible parent if you’re

putting them before you. It’s not saying that you

put yourself first in a way that would impact them,

but you put yourself first and prioritise yourself.

Learn to love yourself and learn to understand

your self worth. You are the most important person

in your life because it is your life, and that’s the first

and foremost thing that I wanted you to recognise


I hope this helps, and if you are somebody struggling

with your self worth, you’re feeling really low and in

some sort of pit, please do drop Elly or myself a

message and we’ll try to help you as best we can

because too many people aren’t giving themselves

enough credit for that they are doing.

Too many people are putting themselves down


Too many people aren’t recognising their self worth,

and we want to change that.

Ryan ‘you’re worth it’ Hodgson

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