She Went To Boxing!

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boxing… Elly did, she went on her own last week, and

it was a major step out of her comfort zone.


She was nervous, and petrified of going, but i sort of

nudged/pushed her to go because she wanted to do

cardio and i know there’s not much better cardio wise…


She even messaged me fuming that when she got there

she was the only female, BUT


After it the first message i got…..



She loved it, and the reason i share this is because i know so

often we fear the unknown, and when we take the plunge, and

just give it a go-

It’s actually not that bad, and the worry wasn’t worth it.


So if you’re worried or scared and putting something off, my

advice is to take the plunge or if someone close to you is,

give them a nudge and they’ll thank you.

It’s something we encourage clients to do with their health and fitness

find things they enjoy so it lasts longer too, We give them the

accountability and support they need.

Which BTW you’ve been worried about trying something to lose

weight, you can join us today for £1 for 14 days if you click link

You can regret spending £1 on this for the amount of advice

guidance and support you get from us and the community.

Ryan ‘join us’ Hodgson

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