Social Sabotage

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I have to say, social sabotage is one of those factors that many people use or blame for the reason why they’re not making the progress that they wanted to.

And I did it, because I used to be the exact same as that people when it came to why I was seeing the progress that I wanted to see.

I blamed my friends, I blamed my social circles, I blamed social occasions, because I get it.

It’s no fun going out with your friends, thinking you’ve got to drink water or Diet Coke all night because you’re on a diet or because you’re working toward something.

Trust me, Elly and I have done this for the last 20 weeks.

Every time we’ve eaten out, we’ve had to chose options that are slightly healthier and we have to be drinking zero or low calorie drinks.

It’s not fun. I’m not going to pretend it is.

(not looking for sympathy BTW)

That’s why I always say to people what we really need to do is align ourselves with our goals and be aware.

What we need to do when we’re working toward sustainability, if we know we’re eating out and we’re going to be eating a big meal, we’ll probably fast until the time when we’re going to be eating.

So that means we won’t eat anything pretty much up until the time that we’re going to eat. And it’s completely safe and healthy to do so, providing you make sure you eat the right number of calories throughout the day.

Of course if you’re going to be drinking alcohol I’d probably make sure you do have something to line your stomach haha.

But, using social sabotage is always going to be an excuse not a reason.

Often, if you tell your friends what your goals are and how important they are, they might consider them in making plans as well.

Ryan ‘not very sociable ATM’ Hodgson

P.S. I Hope you have a great day.

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