Swimming Pool Lesson

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So every week at least once a week I take the
monkey for a swim, and from time to time I look
around at the people around me to see habits,
because I strongly believe our kids learn from
what they see, not what they’re taught- seriously
12 years of school didn’t teach me a fraction of
what I’ve learnt through my parents and then in
‘real life’.

And here’s what I’ve noticed, young kids, don’t

care what anyone thinks, seriously no matterwhat

what shape what size they’re smiling and playing

and having lots of fun. Often mixing and interacting
with each other.
Then the slightly older kids, almost mirror their parents
behaviour, so when I see parents walking to the pool
low in confidence head down, no life in them even
towel around them…
Their kids are doing that, they have poor posture, head
down, shoulders forward, walk heavy footed and often
covering themselves with a towel-
–true story, I saw a girl last week covering herself with
her arms because she didn’t have a towel with her, she
looked back and her mum was behind her with a towel
around her 🙁 makes me so sad-

Then you see the other kids their age, where there

parents walk in head high chest up, smiling and light
on their feet, full of life lots of energy, lots of life and
still no care of what anyone else is thinking or doing….

Now this is not about shape, it’s really not as I see some

parents in great shape but have the low confidence habits
and their kids do too.

So my message today is to f you’re currently struggling

with your confidence in any way and have kids, then
please, work on it, for them if not for yourself.
Ryan ‘kids teach us so much’ Hodgson

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