Laura’s Success Story

07:27 08 Aug 2015. That’s the date and time I sent an email to the Hodgsons asking for help as I felt my life was getting out of control.



I’d lost motivation in life and was struggling to stop the weight piling on. My lifestyle wasn’t the healthiest. I was socialising and drinking heavily most nights, which in turn would lead to the inevitable trip home via the curry house and then in the morning, I would be looking for carbs to try and pick myself up. I weighed 196lb on a 5’2″ frame and was a size 18.

52 weeks to the day and I am now 56lb lighter and a size 10. I am fitter and stronger than I have ever been and mentally, I am in such a good place. All of this has been achieved with a sensible eating plan, 3 x 30 minute resistance training sessions a week and incorporating cardio in to my lifestyle (using my bike more instead of the car, walking halfway home and catching the same bus rather than sitting around waiting at the bus station etc).

No crash dieting, no juicing, no meal replacements shakes, no banned foods or whatever the latest celebrity fad diet is at the time. No spending hours upon hours each week punishing yourself in the gym.

The Hodgsons have guided me the whole way helping me with my diet and holding me accountable to my exercise goals each week. They worked on my mind-set and my positivity, helping me work through why I was where I was, and what was motivating me to change.

Meeting the Hodgsons has quite literally saved my life as if I hadn’t sent that email a year ago, I’d most probably be (at least) 12lb heavier and still be that heavy social drinker, eating takeaway curries 3 times a week and well on my way to all the associated health problems that that lifestyle brings.

This has not been a quick fix. It hasn’t been a crash diet. It has been a sustainable lifestyle change – one that I feel I can carry on for the rest of my life.

So thank you Ryan and Elly Hodgson from the bottom of my healthy heart for all that you have helped me achieve in the past 52 weeks.

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