That Relationship Though

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So some of you may have me on Facebook?

If not you can of course add me if you want, anyways i post quite a lot about health fitness and relationships.

And the most important relationship of them all….The one with yourself!

Because I strongly believe that we can only get the physical results and the true happiness when we improve the relationship with ourselves.
And if we have a poor relationship with ourselves it affects what progress we will make and our relationships with others.
Because when we have a good healthy relationship with ourselves we can treat ourselves the way it should be, by leading a happy lifestyle that suits us, (yes not what I say, or a trainer down the gym) one that suits you.
So I want you today, to look at the relationship you have with yourself.
Because it’s inbuilt in women’s minds to look after everyone else first and that can really affect the relationship you have with yourself.So if you’re comfortable- hit reply and let me know how is the relationship you have with YOU?

Ryan ‘relationship with self’ HodgsonP.S. Nothing to see but thanks for checking.

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