The Hardest Thing…

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So yesterdays email, got a few to leave our
emailing list (18 people) however, it also
got 3 people to join for £1 14 day trial
and another 2 people to email asking for help..
And thats the toughest thing to do, but the most

Admitting you need help-

The hardest thing in the world…

But here’s the truth, we all need it from

time to time.

Look at the most talented sports athletes in the

world; they have a team of people behind them.

The best business owners have a team of people

helping them.

It’s the same for mums looking to lose weight and

feel better about themselves.

They need a team behind them, the team should

start with family, then getting someone in a position

with a bit more knowledge, understanding and

not emotionally connected to you is the next step.

In fact that’s why Elly and I love the women we help

because they’re no different to us…

They’ve asked for help so we gave them it and continue to.

So if you’re currently struggling we ask you to take that

hardest step and reply myself or Elly [email protected]

and let us know what you need help with-

If we can help we will, if we can’t we will pass you to

someone who can 🙂

Ryan ‘take a step’ Hodgson

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