The Money Thing

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Hellooooo 😀
So, One thing I’ve always found is how people
are caught so quick to spend money on certain
things but then not other things that say are more
important to them.

this is my thoughts in the way that I view it from

people trying to achieve, I think this goal is perhaps

trying to make cutbacks in areas of their life where

they may not need to.

I often see people who say they can’t afford to invest

in coaching, or they can’t afford to eat healthily, they

can’t afford to get a gym membership and all these

sorts of things, but then they’ll have things such as

Sky TV for example.

They’d have an expensive package that’s possibly

costing them £50+ a month where they could easily

cut that down to be a cheaper program and yes,

they might miss out on a couple of things but

realistically, I’ll ask this question.

How much value is that package actually

adding to your life?

Because I’ve seen it so often where people slowly get

themselves into feeling less and less confident, they

get and more overweight and they retract into their

shell more and more.

They ultimately change who they are, all because they

chose not to invest (its always a choice) in themselves.

And I’m not a big person who tries to push investing

thousands and thousands of pounds you don’t have,

however, what I am a big believer in is we should be

making conscious decisions on where we invest our

money longer term.

Because once we are aware of it, we can start to make

better choices.

So, for me if I was really going to need to find a few extra ££

to invest in something that was important to me, I’d rather get

rid of my Sky than I would get rid of my gym membership,

for example because I know that Sky is going to add minimal

value to my life, Elly’s life, or Aoife-Mae, and it’s really as

simple as that. So, that’s what I am asking, are you, are

your spending habits reflecting your priorities in life.

If they’re not, honestly, I’d take a few minutes when you’ve got

it to look at your spending, look at your priorities and see how

you can make them become more aligned with them.

Ryan ‘being aware’ Hodgson

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