the procrastination thing

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Ok so i wanted to tell you a story about me because people often say i try to run before i can walk in everything i do….
and i really do, but there’s a serious underlying reason for this.
The thing is if something seems like it will help me, i will 100% go for it without sitting their weighing up options because, i suffer with anxiety and the last thing i want to do is sit there thinking about what….
happen when truth be told the mere fact i was thinking about it is a sign that i should just do it.
And the thing that ALL people who i see getting results in any area of their life have in common is they took action.
so my advice, take the Ready, Fire, Aim approach, because from my experience, you rarely regret the things you try but often regret not giving it a go.
Ryan ‘ready fire aim’ Hodgson
P.S. Relevant quote – Take action to see reward, do nothing to be ignored.

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