There’s A Difference

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There’s a Difference between wanting rather than

being committed


Ya see, i get that many people want to lose weight,

i also get that many people want to feel better abou

t themselves, however here’s the thing, without

being committed it actually means ZERO, or

NOTHING which is why i’m so big on being


Its like when people ask me for free advice, i am

always happy to give advice to people for free,

because i do want to help, however to me if they

valued what i was going to help them with and

they were committed they’d invest in one of my


Because here’s the thing on our group training

programme we aren’t overly fussy who we have

on it, if we can help them we will, its our more

personalised programmes that we do ask people

to apply for.

SO stop just wanting things and start committing

to achieving those things.

It’ll change the game.

Ryan ‘know the difference’ Hodgson

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