They’re More Important Than Knowledge

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2 Things that IMO mean more than knowledge



The reason i share this is because I genuinely believe

that Elly didn’t have a clue how to help me or what to

say when i first started to struggle with my mental health,

i tried to keep things quiet, it frustrated her, but what she

did was offer-




No judgement, she didn’t pretend to know the answers she

simply listened and began to understand it, just because

she hadn’t been through it she offered the understanding

that ‘it’s Ok’ and offered support and that means the

world to me.

You probably thinking why am i sharing this??

Well it’s quite simple really, Elly and I believe we are good

coaches, in fact FUCKING GREAT coaches, we have a

pretty good knowledge, but that’s not what we believe

makes us, we have




Understanding that life goes on, we all have ‘bad days’ we

all have days that we can’t be arsed, we all have days where

we just want to throw the towel in and that’s totally ok.

We also offer non judgemental support when the above

happens because you know what it’s totally normal,

there are no new experiences, thoughts and feelings

just recycled ones.

And truth be told Elly and i genuinely want to increase

the number of people we help in the world because we

know it’s tough going it alone, but we also know it’s tough

asking for help, but if you have a goal that’s important to

you, then talk to use because we most likely can help

you, but also you will be helping us too :D:D

Hit REPLY our inboxes are open and waiting to offer you


Ryan ‘understanding and support’ Hodgson

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