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You can never be happy being surrounded by

the wrong people

Sounds kind of obvious right?

However it’s easier said than done, that’s why

i do this task with people who enter my life and

it’s probably a brutal reason as to why my circle

is tight, but also a reason why i’m content with my


It’s the value test-

“What value does this person add to my life”

If you cannot answer that, then that person has no

place in your life, i saw a post a few weeks ago from

my friend, Scott Francis, about people being in our

life for a reason.

And i fully believe this however we need to take action

upon that reason so if someone is brought into your

life to show you what you don’t deserve, make note

and erase them, or at least limit the time you give them.

That’s why to me although i love helping people lose

weight, i love helping people feel happy with themselves

and their life as a whole even more and that can only be

achieved by choosing who you have around you.

Ryan ‘with the right people’ Hodgson

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