This Is Cardio BTW…

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So the other week I put a post up about how

hoovering is definitely cardio, and I’ve had a

few people that mentioned to me about how

they lack in time to get exercise in because

they’re running around doing the housework


But, one thing I did want to say was anything

that’s elevating your heart rate is giving you a

form of workout to a degree.

I think people put barriers up by thinking they

have to go out for a run, or they have to go out f

or a brisk walk, or they have to go to the gym in

order to do some form of activity.

But anything that elevates your heart rate is going

to burning more calories than it would be if you sa

t on the sofa….


So don’t be too hard on yourself if you’re really,

really busy and you’re finding it hectic.

If you’re literally scrubbing the floor to a degree and

your heart rate is elevated (yes i’ve tried that too haha),

you are going to burning more calories.

If you do all of that and you’re still not losing weight, it

probably means you need to adapt the calories slightly

and make sure they’re correct as well.

So don’t always think that it has to be about doing loads

of workouts. Of course, ideal world, yes you’d get a good

high intensity workout.

However, if you can’t, that’s totally cool.

I have to say, I was absolutely inactive when I hoovered the

house last week and was bouncing with sweat, so I definitely

believe it’s a good workout, typically, if it’s not something you

do very often.

Note to self, will start hoovering on a regular basis myself.

Gotta shoot to hoover (seriously)

Ryan ‘hoovering’ Hodgson

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