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Ok so we’ve been harping on about how the average person

piles on the weight over Christmas, and truth be told in the



I’ve totally done it myself…..


  • Eaten rubbish

  • trained Rubbish

  • Drunk more in about 2 weeks than I do all year…


Then I start the new year with loads more work to do than

is really necessary with my body goals…


what’s more I start the new year feeling like crap.


And I used to lie about it, shouting to anyone that would listen,


  • ‘im motivated this year’

  • ‘this year is my year’

  • ‘cant wait to smash my goals’


When really I was starting the year feeling…..


  1. tired

  2. fed up

  3. low in confidence

  4. unfit

  5. Guilty

  6. craving junk

  7. and like i have a mountain to climb ahead of me….

  8. just to get back to the shape I was just a

few months before.


But now we have a fool proof plan- with tracking our food,

And living a lifestyle…

almost every day-


The weight gain is completely avoidable whilst still

enjoying the next few months.

Ryan ‘November is our January’ Hodgson

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